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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What a moment? I was at the park this morning with some friends, enjoying some social time for me, while my kids got to play with their friends too. It is a small park, and I hardly ever see any one else there.
Today was different though, and the park was busy with other mom's taking a relaxing break with their kids also.
One particular young lady, showed up with her beautiful Doberman dog, and immediately started throwing a frisbee for it. The dog looked as happy and excited as her master did, to be at the park together playing.
I watched them for a few minutes, and then my attention turned back to my kids and the ladies I was talking to.
About 5 minutes went by, when a strange scene caught my eye.
The Doberman was laying on its back, and a woman was giving it chest compressions!
My first reaction: "Are they playing?"
I didn't even recognize what was happening!
My friends saw it too and their commenting, brought me to the realization of the seriousness of the situation. She was performing CPR, and it was real.
My next thought was "Am I really just sitting here? What can I do?" I started to pray inside. I prayed that the dog would come back, and then my feelings directed me to pray that they would all have comfort instead.
I felt like gathering my friends around to pray to bring the dog back to life, but instead I found myself grabbing my son, and going to them, to see if there was anything I could help with.
When I reached them, I realized they had given up. Everyone was in disbelief at what had just happened.
She was a healthy dog, but for some reason her heart just gave out on her. She was so full of life at one moment, and then...........
I felt tears well up in my own eyes, because we had just lost such a beautiful animal so suddenly, and also because of the helplessness that everyone felt.
I couldn't believe it.
In a situation like this, I am always reminded of my testimony of the spirit world being a loving place. I know there is life after this one. I know we will see our loved ones again, and I know that those who pass on, even our beloved animals, still can dwell near us in spirit, while they wait for us to achieve our own potential in life.
I know that through faith, even a little bit, miracles do happen. I question myself on why I was afraid to show my desire to pray for the situation. Something I will work on for sure, but I somehow sensed that it was meant to be otherwise.
My heart breaks for the sweet girl and her husband who lost their loved one today. I will keep them continuously in my prayers today, that they will feel comfort, and have healing in their own hearts.

I ask myself:

What can I learn from this?

Why did I need to experience this today?

How can I be more aware of what is going on in others lives, that I might be able to help somehow?

This is what will be on my mind all day I am sure.

How can I make sure it sets a spiritual tone for my day, rather than dwelling on the loss.

What would you have done?

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