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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Kindergartener Mommy-

One of the great things about having my home be my children's primary location of education, is I get to learn along with them! In fact, I get to be an example to them, of learning to love to learn, so that they will see how its done first.
I really feel like I am starting the beginning phase of the Thomas Jefferson Method, for myself. I am in the phase of learning how to love to learn. Pretty much the Kindergarten stage :)
I am really liking it too!

I can just pick any old subject of my choice, and then study it out as much as I want, by googling it, or finding books to teach me about it.

The greatest way we can teach our little pupils, is by example. If I want them to learn to love to study things out, then I must first, show them that I love to study things out. (I really do love to. I am a huge fan of facts, and history, and non-fiction information, and documentaries. Yep you can say it, I am a nerd.)

So, the other day, I was thinking about clocks and how they work, and why we have clocks, where they came from, how they were invented......all those sorts of questions. I naturally assume, they are in direct connection to the sundial :) I decided I want to know all about sundials now. :) I have already googled "where was the first sundial invented", and got a brainful of reading material to indulge in. I learned there are several different kinds of sundials, and up until the medieval times, they used a sundial with uneven hours. They would plan events around their shadows being in a certain position to their sundials. The sundial that intrigues me the most is a "gnomon" style. Apparently it is a universal type, that can be taken anywhere on earth to be used. Here is a fun article about one from Egypt.http://www.wijzerweb.be/egypteengels.html I am dying to look up a blue print to make my own homemade sundial. :) I love, love, love the freedom of learning that homeschool provides!! I am going to blog some more about this new subject, if anyone is interested in following what I discover! :) 
 Other ref. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_sundials and http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sundial
 A simple question, of how something is done, can turn into a whole new world of fun and learning, if the answer is sought out and worked for! When you ask a question, and then study it out, the answer can be as big or as small as you want it to be. :)

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