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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

My life Binder-Daily Schedule Template

I have a binder that helps keep me organized. I call it my "Life Binder". Its much like a planner, only it has my own customized categories in it. My sweet sister at http://www.inthegardenofeatin.com/ gave me the idea, and I have loved it since.

In my Binder I have have a "planner" section. It has my daily schedule in it.
I am going to share the template to this for Free! I will have more templates available on my website soon too, for more sections of my "Life Binder".

Feel free to download this PDF file, for your own use! :)

Daily schedule "My Life Binder" Template

Print it out on Card stock, and hole punch it, to go in your binder. Fill it out to the half hour, with a pencil in case your schedule changes. :) Each line next to the time, represents a half an hour time slot. 

Remember to keep things enjoyable throughout your day, "Structure your time, but not the content!".

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