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Monday, July 1, 2013

Proverbs 31 Woman

There are many things that can describe virtuous living. I love the description of a Virtuous woman, in Proverbs 31. I just feel like that is what I want be. I want to love being it too!
How do I practice living virtuously each day? First, here are some virtues that I love to focus on.

  • Faith
  • Devine Nature
  • Individual worth
  • Knowledge
  • Choice and Accountability
  • Good works
  • Integrity
  • Patience
  • A quiet voice
  • Productive works
  • Service
Living daily as a wife, and mother, and mentor, is not always easy. I get frustrated easily. I have been known to yell. I love to shop. My life is utter Chaos at times!
However, I have been taught between right and wrong. The most difficult part, is choosing between my strengths and my weaknesses. Striving to live the values noted above, has created a place for me to turn, when I know I have done wrong, and need to try again. Living simply, and getting back to the basics!
  • As a wife, I hope to support my husband, by creating a sanctuary in my home, for him and my children to come home too. I want my home to be clean and organized and beautified, because I love my family, and I want them to be comfortable in our home environment. I want to do my best at taking care of the family here at home, while he goes out and provides an income, so I can take care of all of them. I want to be a wife, that makes sure my husband feels appreciated. I want a close relationship with him, that supports us in being unified as a couple, and as parents.
  • As a mother, I hope to be a mentor to my children. I want them to learn everything, that they want to learn and more. I want to create a way for them to learn to love to learn, so that they will love learning their whole life! Home School is one way I will be doing that. Home School is where you learn to love to learn. It is a daily process of reading, questioning, discussing, and mentoring. Home School is more than just learning the facts about our world. It is learning to live in our world, with good character and experience.
  • I want to teach them the joy of work, by allowing them to apprentice along side me, as I learn the joy of work myself. I love being productive, but having the motivation for it is often hard for a mother of 4.
  • I want to enrich our lives with developing our talents. If we don't use our blessings and talents, we will lose the ability to use them. Our talents were given to us for the joy and benefit of helping ourselves and others.
  • I love being a Home Maker! Our home of 10 years, still can use a lot of fixing up too. Among organizing schedules, having meals, mentoring in education and getting up in the morning, and then to bed on time, I also like to try to squeeze in projects here and there, to beautify our home, to also make it a place that others would feel comfortable visiting in too.
Be sure to check out my blog, to keep up with me on all of it, and all of my deep thoughts that encourage it all too!

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